Exploratory Paper Chairs 

Johan Redström, Peter Vistisen & Signe Louise Yndigegn


We invite the submission of exploratory papers that address the overall theme of Nordes 2023 Conference, THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK.

Design depends on explorations and experiments. There are numerous reasons why an excellent contribution to Nordes might not fit the comprehensive format of full papers, intended scope and length being just two of them. To open up for a broader range of contributions, ideas, critiques, designs, and more to be shared, we need to leave aspects of the formal format intentionally blank and invite papers that are exploratory.


For these contributions, we have the exploratory papers, where we invite submissions in forms such as, but not limited to, design cases, design fictions, design critiques, annotated portfolios, as well as more traditional short papers. Whether text-driven or visual, submissions will differ in format not because of preference or convenience, but because each seeks the most effective way of presenting the intended contributions to the conference.

While exploratory, this is still a research paper category. We ask authors to use the Nordes template as a basis, and we strongly recommend exploratory papers to be no longer than 3000 words. The primary mode of archiving and circulating these papers will be as PDF files, and the technical constraints given include a maximum file size of 5 MB. Submit papers at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=nordes2023 at the latest December 20th.


Submissions will be reviewed with respect to novelty and quality of the research contribution, the consistency, clarity and effectiveness of the presentation, and the contribution paper’s relevance for the conference theme. There will be a double-blind review process, and accepted papers will be published in the digital archive. As part of building the Nordes research community and the formats of exploratory papers, we will ask scholars who submit papers to also review others work.