Consortium Chairs 

Abigail Durrant, Brendon Clark and Jonas Löwgren


The Nordes Doctoral Consortium offers PhD students the opportunity to learn more about and develop richer connections to the international design research community. Participation seeks to give you an enhanced conference experience through connecting your own research to the conference and community, and to a cohort of PhD students. The Doctoral Consortium is a six-month process of collaborative, discursive knowledge production leading up to the conference where the Doctoral Consortium participants engage with design researchers and scholars. Completing the process qualifies for 3 ECTS credits. 


To participate, you are invited to submit a short position paper relating your PhD research to the Nordes community and the conference theme THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. The deadline for the initial submission is January 30, 2023. The position paper should be no more than 500 words and contain the following elements: 

Here are some tips for writing your position paper:

Submit position papers at at the latest January 30th.


We review your submission for suitability to the Nordes design research community and the conference theme. Accepted submissions are assigned to roundtable groups where we aim to find common themes with a mix of disciplines, research methods and stages of progression. 

Process overview

During Spring of 2023, the consortium chairs will facilitate two remote roundtable sessions for working together on developing the position papers through reviews, discussions and revisions. In the course of the roundtable sessions, you will also develop an [intentionally blank], serving as a complementary representation for design research communication. This might be a representation of the material practice of your research, for example, or an experiment with more expressive media and materials to complement the text-based conventions of academic communication. 

At the conference, the Doctoral Consortium will have sessions in the main conference program and open to the general conference audience. In one of those sessions, you will present your position paper and complementary representation in a structured and concise format, followed by a personal reflection on your learning process during the Doctoral Consortium and your development as a design researcher. 

Completing the process qualifies for 3 ECTS credits. Final position papers (and complementary representations, as far as possible) will be compiled in a Nordes Doctoral Consortium 2023 booklet.